Sunday, September 19, 2010

Winding Down for Fall

Don’t you just love Fall? All the sweet smells, leaves falling, cooler days, the colors of crimson, orange and yellow wafting through the air like wrapped candy.

I love Fall, but it does mean the closing of yet another summer. I would have to say summer is one of my favorite times of the year, but Fall takes a close 2nd. 

I am partial to slowing down, harvesting the garden, canning, and getting ready for a season of winter rest. 

As the cooler days set in I reflect back on our summer here in the coop.  It was full…to say the least. I think I put about 7000 miles on our wings this summer alone!

And now we are winding down our hot and busy summer season here in the coop.  We have flown from coop to coop throughout the summer and have finally taken a rest on our own roost.

As much as I love to write, I also like to tell our story with pictures…for they are worth 1000 words.

We spent many a happy hour at Ranch Shekinah this summer. Riding, gardening, building, visiting, teaching the Word, summer camping, and overall frolicking in the sunDSCN2972

Once we landed in our own roost…. we face painted all over town.

This is our event at the Tigers Stadium for the Cornerstone Charity.



Our true blue youngest chick making balloon animals.


Doin’ the happy dance with the English D…for Detroit!


It was tiger faces and ONLY tiger faces for this event.


This is my 4th born chick painting a tiger face on a young lady.  This was her debut at face painting…she took right off!


Chick #5…looking right perky with the Tiger!


At the local preschool
007 009 012

The Romeo Peach Festival

ebay items 131

ebay items 137

My youngest rooster posing as the ominous Storm Trooper.

ebay items 138

2nd debut for the chick!

ebay items 129

Absolutely my most sought after bling for the eye!

ebay items 130 


My #5 artist chick (the one pictured above)…drew this little dog from a movie box.  She used pastel paints on the driveway… a budding artist in the nest!


She also made a clay model of a menu and fruit stand.  Can you see all the detail in the little fruits and vegetables?  Who said health class had to come from a book?



So you don’t get bored of my long post I will post more later of the rest of the summer and our events drawing us into the sweet smell of Fall.

How is your Fall shaping up?

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Ellen said...

I'm with you in loving summer, but Fall has it's place of restoring unlike any other.
Thanks for sharing your outing - looks like it was a lot of fun.
hope all is well, see you soon

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