Saturday, March 31, 2012

I want dirt!

Dirt, worms, earth, soil, seed catalogs spread all over the floor. It's been one of those kinda know that kind that has you hunkering to get out in the dirt and get, well, dirty.

I spent last week, in my walking boot and short sleeves digging around in my friend's garden. We staked and raked, planned and planted. We (okay, she) started her seeds in her seedling pots. She even made me one flat of heirloom tomatoes! We scratched our heads as we fussed and moaned over crop rotation.

But, was divine. I love having my hands in the dirt. Almost as much as I love dancing....almost.

The weather was right up there with peanut butter and chocolate kisses.

The weather here at home isn't quite all peanut butter and chocolate kisses, but rather kinda more like mudpie. Sigh*

As I look out our living room window today I hear our 40x60 garden wooing me, telling me it's hungry for seed and I mentally go over what will go where. I spent the latter part of today going through seed catalogs, gardening books and my own country garden journal. Do you have a journal that you keep your last year's notes in?

I opened mine today and jumped with delight that I remembered to write down at the end of last season what we did, what worked and didn't, and what we needed more of. Really...I don't need anymore jalapeƱo peppers! One can only make so much salsa! Seriously!

This year I've decided that I really need to put a crop rotation into effect. This is no small task when you don't really want to move the large area of corn. Whaddya you think? Should I move it? It's about a 20x40 area. And's in the best area of the land. 

Well, even if we don't move the corn we will still need to address the crops rotating. No need to invite the bugs back year after year.

We are toying with black cloth and straw in the walkways this year as well. Really tired of all the weeding. This worked really well in my friends garden last year...she said she had almost no weeds at all. That's what I'm talking' about!

Looks like potatoes, spinach, lettuce, peas, melons, onions, and garlic may hit the scene soon.

I can already smell the dirt.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Our week on Huckelberry's Farm

It was a week to remember! It's actually been a winter to remember! Phew!

After 5 weeks of being away from my husband and son we were finally going to be together again. We headed north from our beachy winter wonderland of sand, sun and sea to one of our favorite places on earth.....Ranch Shekinah.

We had planned on just two days there with one overnight stay. We were really anxious to get home. However, God had other plans.

Read here to hear more about it......

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