Thursday, July 29, 2010


We're gettin' ready for an all out FaRMhOusE PaRTy here!

Here is a  pic of the invites that I spent wwwwwaaayyyy too long I know why people pay to have this done!  Shoulda found a good blog friend who makes these and hired her! How many times can I put this puppy in upside down and use up more ink in the wrong place!! UUUGGGHHHH!

So, I put this pretty brown ribbon on to dress it up a bit....only to find that I only had enough to pretty up about 6 outa 50!

Back to the drawing board.

Roostie? Do ya have any of that bailing twine for the hay?

Out in the barn. 

Now, mind you I have been at the invites all day long. "Bout ready to lose my religion!

Out to the barn to get a tangled mess of twine wasn't on the "most fun thing to do today" list.

Out I go.

This is what it looked like after I wrestled it off the top shelf! And that’s only b/c I put it in that box! It was a HUGE tangled mess all over the shelf, then all over my and my sweaty face after trying to wrestle it down!


You would think I would have a little more common sense and just cut what I needed.....I only needed about a foot of twine!

But, oh nooooo! I hafta do it the hard way!

Back in the house I have my little chick cut off 4 inch pieces to thread through the invite to make it look farmy-ish.


So, there. Now you have the finished look of the rest of the 44 invites. 

Now onto the rest of the list! Are ya comin?

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Coop

It’s been 5 L-O-N-G years but we finally moved in.

The Farmhouse is finally, almost, getting close to complete.  But we are in it anyhow.

I will start with sorta the beginning.



Kinda the beginning.

August and Sept. 05 087

Our little chicken helpers.  WOW do they ever look young!

August and Sept. 05 075 

That’s me supervising!

August and Sept. 05 103

Coming along.

August and Sept. 05 146

The ever bare front


They all hafta get into the building


Siding all finished


My rooster and our two boys built this home exclusively by themselves from the ground up. Nothing was hired out except the brick.


House summer 05 019

My chicks made tables and chairs to eat on while we built.  We ate out here all summer.


Summer after siding went up


Dry walling


My oldest rooster only 16 then

Summer )^ 105

Back of the house completely sided


From the back 40


Unveiling the inside. My rooster felled the ash trees from our property, had them milled, dried and delivered then he put them down, stained them, clear coated them and then protected them with paper.  We unveil them here.


Remember those 3 little chicks? All grown up now!




The view from my kitchen and dining room


In my kitchen


Our perch


The dining room with a view. You can see a panoramic view of the entire back property.  Breathtaking!


My beautiful hutch. :) Every cabinet, every piece of trim, every everything in this roost was CUSTOM made with tears love by my rooster.


The farmhouse chicks!


The beginnings of the front porch


My beautiful petunias on the front porch

Summer )^ 064

Down by the river and cabin

DSCN3734 DSCN3733 DSCN3735



So there you have it. Our roost just about done.  My roosters are all puffed up and pretty cocky now! Us chickens are just glad to have extended our coop! 

This brood is one happy family!

Farmhouse Party coming soon!

Farmhouse Simplicity

S: Sing like no one can hear

I: Ignore the phone

M: Meander about

P: Pause

L: Laugh

I: Ice-cream

C: Carry anothers burdens

I: Implement slowing down

T: Talk with your children

Y: stay Young


Been dealing with some major blogaphobia! I have been traveling a lot and get great inspiration while on the road, then when  I sit down to write…it’s like I’m a cow staring at a new gate! 

Sometimes I feel as though I have something great to add to blogdom and othertimes…well….it sounds really corny.

It’s not like I have a huge audience to write to…only 4 followers and one of them is myself…which I can’t for the life of me figure out how I became one of my followers! Go figure!

Thank you to those 3 of you that do follow my humble ramblings….and thank you to those of you who follow and are anonymous…

Okay…gonna go eat chicken scratch now and prune my feathers. 


Farmhouse Chick

Monday, July 12, 2010

How do I start it again?

So, we are in the garden working feverishly to get all the weeds…which are bigger than the plants…honestly you could lose a chick or two out there…..outa the garden.

We are sweating profusely when my 11 yr. old chick says out loud, “I’ll go get us some Rehydrate.  I’ll take the scooter.”

My 12 yr. old chick says, “You don’t know how to ride the scooter!”

11 yr. old: Feathers ruffling, chest all stuck out. “Yes I do. I do it all the time!”

11 yr. old to mom: “How do I start it again?”

12 yr. old: Rolls eyes….

Mama Hen: laughing, rolling hysterically on the ground!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Siggies...The new name for signatures. Oh, the things you learn in blogland. Gonna see if this works!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Chicks don't fit!

Anyone out there with more knowledge than this poor little hen about making that silly chicken picture fit the screen up there?

Any help greatly appreciated!



Delayed Arrival

Sorry for the delay in writing.  Lots been going on around here

We spent 3 days on the River performing face painting and balloons for The Parade Company. We painted over 1500 faces that weekend. My girls tied over 3000 balloons!

Then we left there and headed down to Ranch Shekinah to drop the kids off for camp week.  They were joining into horse camp with Antionette's family. They had a WONDERFUL time! 

Some of us came home that week to more events and performances. THEN we went back down to the Ranch (4hour drive) and thought we were going to pick up our little chicks.  We visited a for 2 days only to have ALL of our chicks and roosters say they wanted to stay another week for the Day Camp.  One of my chicks was a junior counselor. One of my roosters was a boy’s camp counselor.  2 of my other chicks were just plain ole’ campers.

So, my big rooster and I have had a week to ourselves! Woo-hoo!  Wow, I am getting a lot done around the coop!

I have re-planted most of the garden….peas, green beans, corn…all having a hard time coming up without much rain. Then I planted 46 impatien plants around the rock bed, 16 pots of petunias around  the outside of the coop, and cut the grass! We’re looking pretty here!

Today my rooster and I are gonna celebrate our 23 anneversary.  It really isn’t until next month…but hey, no kids?….why wait?

Guess what we gonna do? Go garage sailing!  Our FAVORITE thing to do together…okay…ONE of our very favorite things to do together!  Been doing it once a week for 25 years!  We even garage sailed all over the U.S. on our honeymoon.  (Our honeymoon was 3 months long…around the perimeter of the U.S.)

So, off we go today…looking for deals and great finds.  I’ll let you know what we find!

Have a happy weekend!


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