Monday, July 12, 2010

How do I start it again?

So, we are in the garden working feverishly to get all the weeds…which are bigger than the plants…honestly you could lose a chick or two out there…..outa the garden.

We are sweating profusely when my 11 yr. old chick says out loud, “I’ll go get us some Rehydrate.  I’ll take the scooter.”

My 12 yr. old chick says, “You don’t know how to ride the scooter!”

11 yr. old: Feathers ruffling, chest all stuck out. “Yes I do. I do it all the time!”

11 yr. old to mom: “How do I start it again?”

12 yr. old: Rolls eyes….

Mama Hen: laughing, rolling hysterically on the ground!

1 comment:

Maiden Princess said...

Too cute! ;) Children are such a blessing from the LORD!

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