Monday, October 31, 2016


We walked through the house one last time.

We built this house. We. Built. This. House.

We spent 5 years building THE house.

My husband and boys did everything, from the ground up. Truly EVERYTHING.

The girls and I helped along the way. (And when our last trailer full of furniture and office stuff gets here, I'll post pics of these little hard drive with those pics is in that trailer...along with our clothes, coats and Lord knows what else)

Walking the halls and rooms of the house one last time was surreal and unfortunately rushed. It was raining that day. We were scrambling to get all of our belongings in the many different trailers and vehicles while the skies let loose. Even heaven was crying about our leaving.

The new owners were anxious to get in and had called and said they'd be coming up the drive within the 1/2 hour! We weren't going to make it. We really wanted to be pulled out of the drive before we watched them move in to our beloved home.  were running through to make sure everything was clean and perfect. The kids were in the cars waiting. It was hectic and crazy! Not at all the way we thought our good-byes would be.

Packed like sardines we began our journey south. We were leaving 25 years of memories, familiarity, and family and friends. All that we had built was here and pulling away was really strange for some.

We got about 20 minutes down our curvy road when Steve realized that we would never make it to Tennessee with the Budget truck. It was WAY to top heavy!

We (all 6 vehicles and trailers) pulled up into a parking lot to figure out what to do. Steve was almost paralyzed with anxiety. This truck would never make it down the back roads to our new home without topplng over. What were we to do? After what seemed like an eternity, pacing back and forth in the parking lot, calling other truck companies, unloading and redistributing to other vehicles we decided to drive to Chicago and possibly get another truck. That meant unloading this one and reloading another in the dark.

This was NOT how I thought our trip was going to begin.

to be continued...

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