Sunday, March 24, 2013

Moving from GOOD to GREAT

You were meant for GREATER! You were meant to be greater, do greater and duplicate greater in others! 

Stop settling for GOOD... it is the enemy of GREAT! 

We sacrifice GREAT on the altar of GOOD. 

We are good parents, good friends, good teachers, good employees, good...good...good. Aren't you ready for GREAT? 

Does it scare you? It should! BUT it should also INSPIRE YOU! Don't swallow the lie that what you are doing is good enough. Good enough is tolerated but not celebrated! Good enough keeps you comfortable, plodding thru life. 

BUT GREAT inspires, ignites, empowers, and propels forward. Good just stays...well, good. What is holding you back from being GREATER? Define your GOOD no longer good enough?

Are you tired of just plodding along? Tired of mediocre? 

Then take a step in the direction of GREAT. Change one thing about your daily life. It only takes a small movement to make a great change. 

What ONE thing can you do to turn GOOD into GREAT?

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