Thursday, November 24, 2011

South meets North

South met North this Fall. She came with all the warmth and congeniality of a Southern Belle.

Grandma is her name and sunshine she brought.




She spent a week with us laughing…


















…and playing in the leaves.



Farmhouse Chicks

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tiling the Breezeway

We are underway with our breezeway makeover!

Prepping the floor:



And the work begins:




Applying mud to the back of the tiles:





Grouting day:







To be continued…..


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Farmhouse Chicks

Tuesday, November 22, 2011








24 Things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving:


1) Everyone of you that have impacted my life over these 45 years.

2) My mom, whose love is so evident in all she does.

3) My dad and his wife who invest in the lives of our children.

4) My incredible husband, best friend, lover, and confidant…without whom I could never be the woman I am today.

5) My oldest son, who is serving his country so that we can sleep safe at night.

6) My 2nd oldest son, who is fighting for freedom of soul and winning.

7) My oldest daughter, who is the finest example of a young lady with passion for her Beloved. Love her to pieces!

8) My 2nd oldest daughter, who lives to keep us all in order and moving efficiently in our home. Love that girl!

9) My youngest daughter, who brings us joy with her many stories, drawings, and dreams. Love that rose!

10) Freedom.

11) Healthy choices.

12) Good books.

13) Dance Class.

14) Sabbath.

15) Warm baths.

16) Abundant harvest.

17) Scrabble by the fire with my kiddos and hubby.

18) Snuggle time with a good book and 3 girls.

19) Fresh baked bread

20) Hugs just because.

21) Wood fires.

22) Satisfied bellies.

22) Great friends for my kiddos.

23) Loving heavenly Father.

24) Today.



What are you thankful for?






Farmhouse Chicks

Monday, November 21, 2011

When things go south and we have to stay north~

We have always lived as if we would need to go off the grid. When we built the first phase of our house it was built with Y2K in mind…I’m dating myself.

We actually moved in on Dec. 31st of 1999…..”waiting for the world to end as we knew it”.

Obviously we are still here and not much happened. However, we decided that we would always want to be ready for any kind of national catastrophe. So, we equipped our home with the ability to live without modern technology.

We have a bicycle generated battery situation for power, 2 wood cook stoves for heat and cooking food, ample storage for housing others, a root cellar, ability to heat water without propane, fresh running water in a river, optimal land to grow our own food, trading heirloom seeds with friends, and the list goes on.

Recently we have been talking about attaching a green house to our walkout basement and heating it with the wood stove that is only a few feet away. We can then grow veggies that we so love in the winter time.

We are also in the lookout for a larger wood cooking stove….something like this:




Ain’t she a beauty?


Every time we go to my Aunt’s house I drool over hers…..its somewhat similar to this. She also has an antique bakers oven that is the bomb!

We have been staking out our property for horses, goats and chickens as well.

Living on the grid is comfortable, but can lull us to sleep of the world’s current condition. These luxuries will not always be ours for the taking.


What are you doing to become more self sufficient?


The Coop would love to hear from you!


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