Saturday, March 19, 2011

What looks good on you?

Most days my kids see me in my yoga pants and tennis shoes with my hair pulled back in a pony and no make-up…sweaty from my morning workout.


FAll 2010 062




I do occasionally don this look:


Or this:


And on a rare occasion this:


BUT…do you know what’s my kids favorite way for me to dress?




It’s the apron. They LOVE the apron.

It means all things mommy….to them it means warm fuzzies, chocolate chip cookies, fetachini sauce, and mom in the kitchen…instead of on the computer. Smile


So what are you wearing today?


Farmhouse Chicks

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Dancing to different tune


Definition of insanity: doing the same thing twice and expecting different results.

What is it with me?

Why do I think I need to make everything?

It NEVER occurred to me to buy an apron for our dance. NEVER.

6 hours and many rip outs later I now have what is below.



See that little red sign…”YES! It’s easy”….maybe for Martha Stewart…or Ellen…or my soulsista Tamarah.

This mama was ready for a drink!


The beginnings of the apron.


My woman cave for 5 days


The finished product….I made 3 of these…and it wasn’t until I was into the 2nd one that I realized I could have bought these for probably less than what it cost to make them.

Glorious Day Dance 004

Red dresses $40.00 each, Aprons $15.00 each, Dancers…priceless

Glorious Day Dance 006

Think 1940’s Berlin, Jewish Germany



Farmhouse Baker couldn’t help herself…she just had to whip up this cute little skirt…she made it from 2 pairs of jeans.


Fashionista felt the same and she came down sportin’ her new spring line!


Not only was I sewing aprons, choreographing a dance, working Advocare, and homeschooling…I was packing for the sunny south.



And trying to keep up with all of this


And this


So I can leave this



And do this


…and that!



Ain’t it?


Farmhouse Chicks…see ya in the south!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Before/After

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If you don't live by design you will live by default.

Farmhouse Chicks

Saturday, March 12, 2011

1940’s Berlin Style

I know it’s 2011, but just step back in time with me.

It’s 1940.

You are a Jewish family in Berlin.

There are uprisings in the streets.

You’ve been made to wear a yellow star on your shirt sleeve.

You don’t let your children out of your sight.

You barter for your next meal.

You pray that this Passover won’t be your last together.

THIS is the setting for our Passover Tour this year.

We visit 10 churches this year with the message of Messiah in the Passover.




I am in the process of making our costumes.

Red dresses.

White eyelet aprons.

Head scarves.

We will perform the drama for between 50-100 or more people at each church and then close with a dance of Redemption.

Casting Crowns: Glorious Day

I will post more when we make the costumes.

Stay tuned for the video.



Farmhouse Chicks

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