Saturday, March 19, 2011

What looks good on you?

Most days my kids see me in my yoga pants and tennis shoes with my hair pulled back in a pony and no make-up…sweaty from my morning workout.


FAll 2010 062




I do occasionally don this look:


Or this:


And on a rare occasion this:


BUT…do you know what’s my kids favorite way for me to dress?




It’s the apron. They LOVE the apron.

It means all things mommy….to them it means warm fuzzies, chocolate chip cookies, fetachini sauce, and mom in the kitchen…instead of on the computer. Smile


So what are you wearing today?


Farmhouse Chicks

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Maiden Princess said...

Cute in all :) Although I gotta say that Cinderella look did afford me a slight chuckle ;)

Lovin the sunny dress and wine glass one. But as I said, a woman with such inner beauty cannot keep it contained by what she wears :)

Happy Purim!

Maiden Princess

Me said...

I think you look fabulous in your workout attire :)

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