Saturday, March 12, 2011

1940’s Berlin Style

I know it’s 2011, but just step back in time with me.

It’s 1940.

You are a Jewish family in Berlin.

There are uprisings in the streets.

You’ve been made to wear a yellow star on your shirt sleeve.

You don’t let your children out of your sight.

You barter for your next meal.

You pray that this Passover won’t be your last together.

THIS is the setting for our Passover Tour this year.

We visit 10 churches this year with the message of Messiah in the Passover.




I am in the process of making our costumes.

Red dresses.

White eyelet aprons.

Head scarves.

We will perform the drama for between 50-100 or more people at each church and then close with a dance of Redemption.

Casting Crowns: Glorious Day

I will post more when we make the costumes.

Stay tuned for the video.



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