Sunday, June 13, 2010


I haven’t told you yet…but I am a professional children’s entertainer.  Today I had the privilege of playing the part of Cinderella at a 5 yr. olds birthday. The mom had decorated the ENTIRE deck as a castle.  It was made of HUGE cardboard that she painted hot pink, there was a dressing room, a gift parlor and a clock on the wall.  Very creative!


A little Cinderella ball dance


A little LIMBO


Bouncing the puff balls


Face painting


Our small group shot

We even had a Princess Proclamation Ceremony with the little princess right in front of her castle.  I presented her with a beautiful proclamation and her daddy crowned her.  All the while princess music was playing in the background. My rooster said he was about to cry….it was magical…….

I love what I do.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Doin’ the garage sale boogie

The small chicks and I hit garage sales this week.  We had way too much to do at the roost, (like putting the EnTiRE garden in)…but we just couldn’t resist the temptation to find those irresistible treasures out there just waiting to be snatched up. 

Can you believe I didn’t get pics of the incredible finds?  At least not a collective pic. 

I always love those pics you find in so many people’s blogs where all their treasures are clumped together, rather eclectically, providing inspiration for us rather inspirationally challenged chicks.

I do have some lone pictures to post:DSCN2713This was a find for my Farmhouse Bakery chick.  She was mesmerized by all the “old timey” recipes and pictures included in the book.  Wanna know when the book was published? 1970…..real old, ya know! Since when did the 70’s constitute “old timey”? Hmmp!



This is an old pepper mill….I just love all things old and useful.  $1.00

DSCN2716Just some really cute decorations for my china hutch…I know you can’t see it yet (will post more on this), but my rooster built every inch of our house by his own two hands.  This hutch he custom made the way I wanted it and made the top  outa ash trees from our woods.  He  felled them, milled them, dried them and then turned some into a top for my hutch.  Pretty cool cock, eh?  $2.00


This was an ugly purple flowering thingy. Very ugly.  I just stripped the flowers out and placed it in it’s rightful place on the hutch. Waddya think I should put in it…if anything? .50

DSCN2718 Just thought this would be a great addition to my school room or guest bedroom (which is gonna be in blue and brown).  $2.00

Well, wouldn’t ya know that the ole picture taker is down for the count.  Gotta go recharge.  Be back with more pics soon.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Farmhouse Bakery

My 12 year old little chick is a budding entrepreneur. She loves to think up business ideas, write them on paper, talk ‘til all hours of the night planning them, and working every angle to bring them to life.

She gets it honestly. *grin* She is a true farmhouse chick!

Besides the fact that she is a children’s entertainer, a music and movement assistant, a balloon artist and face painter…..she loves to bake.  She would bake everyday if I let her!

But….this mucky clucky figure would never survive all that sweet stuff! So,  it’s once a week here in this coop.  BUT…to foster her fetish for all things sweet, I decided to let her start her own bakery and sell coop to coop.

So, here we go…the makings of the first Farmhouse Bakery! Everything will be all natural, as much from the farm as possible, raw sugar (of course), all by hand and made with incredible talent and creativity!

Mmmm, I can smell that peach pie baking already.

Now….to find a way to sneak it into our coop! Chicky figures are so overrated!

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