Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Farmhouse Bakery

My 12 year old little chick is a budding entrepreneur. She loves to think up business ideas, write them on paper, talk ‘til all hours of the night planning them, and working every angle to bring them to life.

She gets it honestly. *grin* She is a true farmhouse chick!

Besides the fact that she is a children’s entertainer, a music and movement assistant, a balloon artist and face painter…..she loves to bake.  She would bake everyday if I let her!

But….this mucky clucky figure would never survive all that sweet stuff! So,  it’s once a week here in this coop.  BUT…to foster her fetish for all things sweet, I decided to let her start her own bakery and sell coop to coop.

So, here we go…the makings of the first Farmhouse Bakery! Everything will be all natural, as much from the farm as possible, raw sugar (of course), all by hand and made with incredible talent and creativity!

Mmmm, I can smell that peach pie baking already.

Now….to find a way to sneak it into our coop! Chicky figures are so overrated!

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Little Rose of Sharon said...

So does this mean your little chick would like to bake something for our Stevie's party? he loves lemon squares.

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