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Numbers and more Numbers

We have taken a break from the mundane Algebra of today and delved into our math books from the 1850's... all chock full of  word problems.

We are seriously enjoying reading about crates and barrels of grain, corn, and such.

Each girl is using a different book from the 1800's to sharpen their mental math.

It is proving to be a very good move.

Amazing how much we "think" we know until it comes to practical application.

Each of us...even me...are being challenged with some real mental math.

We are learning how to measure and cut for dresses, how to measure for a room that isn't square, how to provide for our family one year of grain, beans, and legumes and know how to find the best price on the products.

We are learning how large of a garden we need for a family of 7, how to space our plants for the Spring, how to choose heirloom seeds that will last a lifetime, and how to compost most efficiently.

We are so happy to have made the leap back to the days of "real" math. 
What are you doing to challenge your family in their education? 

We would love to hear your stories!

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