Thursday, May 26, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

We have finally made it home to the rainy North. More like puddle valley I’d say.

We had a fine feathered frenzy in the South with beach days, schooling, dancing, teaching, and picture taking.

We spent much of our time traveling around the state dancing in various churches for the Passover/Resurrection Day season.





We were well received by all. I still stand in awe of all that took place and all the incredible comments from people who watched us minister in the dance.

We will be putting together a small DVD clip of the two dances we ministered with if I can ever figure out this whole *trimming the video* thing.

We even have our own website now too:

Go check it out and let us know you were there!

Farmhouse Chicks flying the coop to Chavah Street!

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