Friday, April 22, 2011

Distracted and Ineffective

How many times are we distracted by the cares of this world?

How many times are we set back by something someone says?

How many times do we trip over our emotions?

Distractions come in various forms.

For me it’s usually in relationships. I don’t like conflict. I don’t like confrontations. I don’t usually have too many, but when one comes it totally paralyzes me.

Then the enemy has a field day.

He doesn’t have to kill us.

He just has to distract us.

When we are distracted we are ineffective for the Kingdom.

We are ineffective for our family.

We are ineffective for our daily routine.

I know.

I was there.

This week.

But the great thing about serving a Mighty God is this: He’s in the business of redemption.

It’s no coincidence that this distraction came the week of Passover. It’s the time of redemption. And redemption needed to happen in this situation.

Redemption has taken place, reconciliation has been made and I am alive again.

Today is the day of salvation.

Today is the day of redemption.

Thank you Father for the Redemptive work of the Cross. 


Farmhouse Chicks

Monday, April 11, 2011

Don’t you just wish?


Don’t you just wish that life was as easy as a lazy swing?


An old rocker on a weathered cabin porch?

Hummingbird Moth 001

Or  the beauty of this Hummingbird Moth?


Or dancing with Cinderella?


Or  your man?


Or slip slidin’ with friends?

Hmmmm….looking forward to a country summer.



Farmhouse Chicks

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