Thursday, September 15, 2011

Come to Jesus

Do you ever have a come to Jesus meetin’ with yourself?

I’m having one today.

Algebra 1 is what started it all.

Why do we need Algebra? I mean, come on, Cartesian points and all?

We are graphing numbers that have no value except abstract value.

Can’t we be learning about mortgages, taxation, government control, etc?

How ‘bout canning, freezing, timing of harvesting, new spring garden layout, surface area needed for planting crops….now where talkin’!


I’m re-thinkin’ this whole Algebra thing…unless you can give me a REALLY good reason to complete it.

One of the beauties of home-schooling is the freedom of choice. The freedom to teach and learn according to our gifting. 

I love this aspect of teaching. I get to help my children unfold their gifts, talents, and dreams. I’m all about carving the angel out of the marble.



So, I am going into a small hibernation mode this afternoon….getting on my face and seeking the Author of learning.

Goin’ to meet with the Master…will let you know how it all works out.



Farmhouse Chicks


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dancing in Rhythm

Isn't life like a romance to you? It is to me.

Dancing with each song that God brings into our lives.

Some songs are lively, some melancholy, some jazzy, some soft and sway like....but each one has a story to tell.

You have a song to dance to and a story to tell in this season...embrace it and embrace the Author of your song.

Soon you will find yourself dancing in rhythm and the romance will unfold.


Farmhouse Chicks



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