Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our Winter in Pictures

Winter has been L-O-N-G here. Months of long, cold, bitter weather.

I could complain. I could make a fuss. But that's not like me.

I love all the seasons.

BUT….this winter brought with it some serious doubt as to wether or not I can safely say that I like winter. The jury is still out. But….

Here is how we spent our winter...

We warmed up the coop with some soap making. This is our olive oil, coco bar. Smells earthy and cleans beautifully. Looks like chicken poop. I know. Deal with it. 

We spent our fair share of time drinking hot tea and talking about where life is taking us. Lots of round the fire talks, late night pillow talk, and heart to heart discussions about young adult life and how we choose to define ourselves. 

The fashionista has been creating some original artwork. We'd love to see her open an Etsy store, but she says then it'd be work. She likes the joy of just creating. 

The Farmhouse Artist began a pencil drawing of her brother and future sister-in-law. It will be a memorable keepsake for them. 

Fashionista practiced some silhouette photography. 

And we reveled in the beauty of the God's photography and artwork. 

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