Friday, February 3, 2012

Jumping off the moon!

I know you've been waiting to see the Hanukkah pics. I know that I said I would post them. But really....I don't have the patience to get them from the Baker's computer and transport them to here and then upload them all.

Sorry....can't do it. Way.too.painful.

So, if you wanna see them. Go here: and look at the pics.

I know. Lame. Sorry.

Just the way it is....

Life has been way busy.

Coming back from Success School found me with a crazy focus on my business.'s paid off.

We jumped.We shook.We took off.

When this pay period is over I will tell you how much it's paid off. It's quite the jump!

So...there you go.

Living full....

Farmhouse Chicks

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