Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ode to Chocolate

Farmhouse Fashionista had a persuasive paper to write. She chose chocolate. Of course~

Here is her rendition of why you should eat chocolate:

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, it's much more then just a word. It's practically life support. I mean come on people it's dark (as in the color ;), milky, sweet, warm, hot, cold, comes in many different colors (gotta love a sweetness like that). It's made to make us happy...and it does. Chocolate doesn't ask questions...no, chocolate knows what we want. We want chocolate. I really don't know who invented it but that person had to be an Ecko-Genius! He or She had to know the feeling of being happy, joyful, smiley, and laughter-ey all at once. Because duh...he or she made a yummy delightfulness that makes you feel all of those great emotions all at once and more (yes, it's quite a riot watching someone eat chocolate) Chocolate...well it's just always starring at you saying eat me eat me...and folks I'm telling y'all now if food is telling you to eat it, by all means do as it asks! Chocolate is the ONE of the foods you will not regret eating. But, one of the rules when you eat it (yes, there is chocolate rules) you must never look to see how many calories are in it, how much sugar it has. Because folks chocolate has feelings to, it doesn't like to be judged, or read into to. It just wants you to eat it and feel a whirl of wonderful happy emotions, if you don't get the emotions then something is defiantly wrong with! But don't worry they have chocolate therapy for that kind of disease. ;) Oh, and another rule, but this one isn't a chocolate rule, it's my own rule: Convince yourself after you eat the chocolate that you have just eaten a HUGE salad, high on nutrition and all that good stuff that makes you feel healthy. Most of the time if you think this to yourself you will walk away feeling healthy and maybe like you've just lost a few pounds (not that you need to lose any or anything) So, y'all with all that said: One of the best choices to make right now is chocolate, chocolate.

P.S It's calling you name right now. Your probably wondering how I know this? Well, that's my little secret. But you see, chocolate has a way of getting in touch with me and telling me your craving it. ;)

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