Sunday, June 13, 2010


I haven’t told you yet…but I am a professional children’s entertainer.  Today I had the privilege of playing the part of Cinderella at a 5 yr. olds birthday. The mom had decorated the ENTIRE deck as a castle.  It was made of HUGE cardboard that she painted hot pink, there was a dressing room, a gift parlor and a clock on the wall.  Very creative!


A little Cinderella ball dance


A little LIMBO


Bouncing the puff balls


Face painting


Our small group shot

We even had a Princess Proclamation Ceremony with the little princess right in front of her castle.  I presented her with a beautiful proclamation and her daddy crowned her.  All the while princess music was playing in the background. My rooster said he was about to cry….it was magical…….

I love what I do.


Tamara said...

I've always known you are a dream come true.

Sandy said...

Awww! You're the bestest of the best...and my dream come true. Thanks P1

Craig said...

I always knew my daughter would be Cindrella one day. You are beautiful!!

Sandy said...

Thanks you!

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