Thursday, July 1, 2010

Delayed Arrival

Sorry for the delay in writing.  Lots been going on around here

We spent 3 days on the River performing face painting and balloons for The Parade Company. We painted over 1500 faces that weekend. My girls tied over 3000 balloons!

Then we left there and headed down to Ranch Shekinah to drop the kids off for camp week.  They were joining into horse camp with Antionette's family. They had a WONDERFUL time! 

Some of us came home that week to more events and performances. THEN we went back down to the Ranch (4hour drive) and thought we were going to pick up our little chicks.  We visited a for 2 days only to have ALL of our chicks and roosters say they wanted to stay another week for the Day Camp.  One of my chicks was a junior counselor. One of my roosters was a boy’s camp counselor.  2 of my other chicks were just plain ole’ campers.

So, my big rooster and I have had a week to ourselves! Woo-hoo!  Wow, I am getting a lot done around the coop!

I have re-planted most of the garden….peas, green beans, corn…all having a hard time coming up without much rain. Then I planted 46 impatien plants around the rock bed, 16 pots of petunias around  the outside of the coop, and cut the grass! We’re looking pretty here!

Today my rooster and I are gonna celebrate our 23 anneversary.  It really isn’t until next month…but hey, no kids?….why wait?

Guess what we gonna do? Go garage sailing!  Our FAVORITE thing to do together…okay…ONE of our very favorite things to do together!  Been doing it once a week for 25 years!  We even garage sailed all over the U.S. on our honeymoon.  (Our honeymoon was 3 months long…around the perimeter of the U.S.)

So, off we go today…looking for deals and great finds.  I’ll let you know what we find!

Have a happy weekend!


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