Thursday, July 29, 2010


We're gettin' ready for an all out FaRMhOusE PaRTy here!

Here is a  pic of the invites that I spent wwwwwaaayyyy too long I know why people pay to have this done!  Shoulda found a good blog friend who makes these and hired her! How many times can I put this puppy in upside down and use up more ink in the wrong place!! UUUGGGHHHH!

So, I put this pretty brown ribbon on to dress it up a bit....only to find that I only had enough to pretty up about 6 outa 50!

Back to the drawing board.

Roostie? Do ya have any of that bailing twine for the hay?

Out in the barn. 

Now, mind you I have been at the invites all day long. "Bout ready to lose my religion!

Out to the barn to get a tangled mess of twine wasn't on the "most fun thing to do today" list.

Out I go.

This is what it looked like after I wrestled it off the top shelf! And that’s only b/c I put it in that box! It was a HUGE tangled mess all over the shelf, then all over my and my sweaty face after trying to wrestle it down!


You would think I would have a little more common sense and just cut what I needed.....I only needed about a foot of twine!

But, oh nooooo! I hafta do it the hard way!

Back in the house I have my little chick cut off 4 inch pieces to thread through the invite to make it look farmy-ish.


So, there. Now you have the finished look of the rest of the 44 invites. 

Now onto the rest of the list! Are ya comin?


Maiden Princess said...

Oh wow! Those turned out really cute! :) I love the twine idea! ;)

Blessings in the Messiah,
Maiden Princess

Little Rose of Sharon said...

people like you make our world a prettier place. Because you know the difference of getting it done and doing it right you help make everything you do special. TMP

Sandy said...

@ Maiden Princess: me too! Twine has sooo many uses...can even tie up hen peckers!

@T: You make my world a better place. *sigh and grin*

Chick love,


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