Friday, July 23, 2010


Been dealing with some major blogaphobia! I have been traveling a lot and get great inspiration while on the road, then when  I sit down to write…it’s like I’m a cow staring at a new gate! 

Sometimes I feel as though I have something great to add to blogdom and othertimes…well….it sounds really corny.

It’s not like I have a huge audience to write to…only 4 followers and one of them is myself…which I can’t for the life of me figure out how I became one of my followers! Go figure!

Thank you to those 3 of you that do follow my humble ramblings….and thank you to those of you who follow and are anonymous…

Okay…gonna go eat chicken scratch now and prune my feathers. 


Farmhouse Chick


Little Rose of Sharon said...

I am a loyal follower!! Weather you give grand wisdom or daily tid bits I just love to read it all. Love you Theresa

Sandy said...

Thanks truly are a faithful friend!


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