Monday, May 31, 2010

How to build a cucumber trellis

Summer is here in the rolling hills of the Southern North and you can smell it in the air, hear it as the bumblebees are busy at  work, and see it in the peonies that have bloomed by the walkway. 

We are enjoying the longer evenings and early sunshine in the mornings.  Makes for getting up for those farmhouse devotions a little easier.

We’ve been visiting with Antionette and her family this week helping them get ready for their summer camp experience.

My rooster has been in the barn installing new horse stalls while and Antionette and I have been muckin’ around in the garden.

What is it about gettin’ our hands dirty that we get such satisfaction? And I mean dirty! We were dirty from head to toe….looked like we rolled in the chicken coop!

There is something sureal about gettin’ down in the dirt, planting those little seeds or small plants, packing them in just right, mulching them, and then standing back to look at our hard work while we water them.

Every day we go out to see how much they’ve grown, pick off that nasty little bug that thinks he can make lunch out of our newest seedling, and stand in amazement at how God works.

We planted a lot of different plants and one of them was cucumber.  I shared with Antionette that we could trellis the cucs and they would take up less room.

“Really”, she said. “Well, yes, really”, I cackled!

So, off to trellis land we go like two cackling hens!

We bought an 8ft piece of lattice, brought it home and had one of my young roosters cut it in 1/2.

Then we dug a trench, about 5 inches down by 4ft wide, with a flat blade.

Then we cut down some small posts the same height as the lattice and pounded those in the ground at each end and in the middle.


We then placed the lattice, long end up, into the trench and stapled to each post as you see here.

We filled in the soil tightly around the bottom, planted the cucs in two mounds and watered.

Voila, one cucumber trellis!

All for about 8 buckeroos!

Can’t beat that!

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Rene said...

How to build a cucumber trellis. Summer is here in the rolling hills of the Southern North and you can smell it in the air, hear it as the ...

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