Friday, May 28, 2010

As the Rooster Crows

Flying over the suburbia countryside and I see one of my sweetest farmhouse chick friends is having her 50th hen party!

Woo-hoo! Happy 50th Lori Chick!

This is a tribute to my long time Henny Penny. 

Henny Penny, you and I met about 20 years ago.  WOW! How time flies…(no pun intended :))

We have really covered some ground! 

These are some of my favorite memories:

Lake Shore

Toe gear and cod fish

Trips galore

Late night talks

Tent dresses

Foot rubs

Camping surprise visits…..where is she!?

Fancy dinners

Talking about clouds hitting us on the head

Chicken breast as big as our infants

Our annual garage sale tradition

Prayer marathons

Wisdom sessions


Henny Penny, you have been a wonderful friend.  One that I could always count on to call me faithfully, to remind me to be true to who God made me, to help me pick out colors in my house, to garage sale with, to shop with (ya know ya don’t find anything w/o me!), to cry with, to laugh with, to remember to put our golf balls in the bucket with, to dream with.

I will miss you this 50th birthday.  May it be a day for you to remember.

A new season of stretchin’ those wings and flying. 

Just don’t forget to fly over my coop and smile.

Love you,

Mucky Clucky

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