Sunday, February 27, 2011

It’s a date!

The Farmhouse Artist and I are going on a date.

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A date to the sunny south.

Each year either myself or The Carpenter take one of our brood to the sunny south on an exclusive date. We enjoy these special times as it gives us the opportunity to connect with them in so many ways.

This year the Artist and I will mix business with pleasure.

We head out next week for 5 days of sun, sand and seashells!

We will be flying…CIMG0584her first time since she was a baby. She is so excited that she has been packed since Friday afternoon…one week ahead of departure!

She hasn’t stopped talking about all that we will be doing and seeing.

We plan on eating at our favorite tea house, walking on the beach, getting our nails done and then meeting grandma for dinner.

I will be spending some time with my Advocare friends, my ministry friends, and my sister during our stay as well.

In April we  head down as a family to stay for 6 weeks and minister in 7 churches during the Passover season. The chicks and I will be dancing to the song, “Glorious Day” by Casting Crowns. I will also be ministering in the dance to the song, “Watch the Lamb”by Ray Boltz.

I am looking forward to some sunshine and seashore with my youngest chick.

Farmhouse Chicks


PlainJane said...

Hey Sandy, so good to hear from you my dear. I need to work on my blog and get your link there so I can drop by quick & easy.

Have a great time!!! I have Ft. Lauderdale on my iPod weather app. It's a kind of torture I like to do to myself. It was 0° & snowing here yesterday...82° & sunny there.

Anywho, to get pages on the top, sign in; go into your "Dashboard"; then click "Design" and "Add a Gadget" on the right side. Then you should see "Pages", it's 3rd on the list on mine. Click the "+" to add that. Some templates don't have all these options, or at least not "pages", I specifically hunted a template that did because I really wanted pages, so if you want it and it doesn't give it as an option, you might have to change templates. Let me know if you have any questions.

Have a good trip & give Florida a kiss for me.

Antoinette said...

How blessed is Sadie!
Have fun - and get some suntan for me!

Ellen said...

What fun is that going to be, yeah for you both!! When you get back, be sure to pop in over at my place and pick up an award I have for you. I'm passing a faith award onto you 'cause you've got faith and live it-Love that! Just email me if you have any questions, ok?

have fun!!


Tete said...

Sounds like the best kind of trip. I hope you are your baby chick have the most fun time.
Congrats on your award from Ellen!
I can see why she picked you to pass it onto to.
Hugs- Tete

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