Monday, February 21, 2011

Treadmill of Life

Life can be like a treadmill, running as fast as you can and not getting anywhere. Putting all your time and energy into just trying to keep up. Time spent is time gone, you can never get it back. Is my time being spent on the things that mean the most to me or is it being spent on the "treadmill" of life? Done with a "JOB" (Just Over Broke), done with the "treadmill" of life, done wasting time on things that don't mean the most to me. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes and placing this door in front me.


Farmhouse Chicks

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Ellen said...

Very well said Girl! I could not agree more and second your voice of being down with things that waste time. Time is to precious and you're so right, you can't get it back. Thanks for the reminder to be mindful of what we invest ourselves and time in. Have a wonderful day.


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