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24 Things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving:


1) Everyone of you that have impacted my life over these 45 years.

2) My mom, whose love is so evident in all she does.

3) My dad and his wife who invest in the lives of our children.

4) My incredible husband, best friend, lover, and confidant…without whom I could never be the woman I am today.

5) My oldest son, who is serving his country so that we can sleep safe at night.

6) My 2nd oldest son, who is fighting for freedom of soul and winning.

7) My oldest daughter, who is the finest example of a young lady with passion for her Beloved. Love her to pieces!

8) My 2nd oldest daughter, who lives to keep us all in order and moving efficiently in our home. Love that girl!

9) My youngest daughter, who brings us joy with her many stories, drawings, and dreams. Love that rose!

10) Freedom.

11) Healthy choices.

12) Good books.

13) Dance Class.

14) Sabbath.

15) Warm baths.

16) Abundant harvest.

17) Scrabble by the fire with my kiddos and hubby.

18) Snuggle time with a good book and 3 girls.

19) Fresh baked bread every.day.

20) Hugs just because.

21) Wood fires.

22) Satisfied bellies.

22) Great friends for my kiddos.

23) Loving heavenly Father.

24) Today.



What are you thankful for?






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