Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 1 Lean In 13


I started a new work out program today.  It’s called Lean In 13

Lean In 13…not 13 months, or 13 weeks, but 13 days!

I don’t have much weight to lose but I definitely want to increase my stamina, strength and DECREASE some fat content.

This is the perfect program for achieving all those goals as it has all the components of eating habits and exercise habits spelled out for you for 13 days.

Today, I followed the program for the 1st BURN day.  No carbs, only vegies, protein, lots of water, and the supplements. Plus cardio and weights.

I am definitely feeling lighter. My abdomen isn’t as bloated and I feel more energized!

I have 2 more BURN days then day 4 is REFUEL day. 

I will keep you posted as to my progress!

What programs do you use to reach your goals?



Ellen said...

Hi Sandy!
Just dropping in to say hi and see what is new with you and yours. Your timing is perfect with the Lean In 13. I've never heard of this and could use something like it as I have suddenly increased in my weight. My husband likes the extra weight, me - not so much. So I'll be anxious to follow your results - no pressure ;))
Also the book you are reading Wrestling Prayer, is also a new one for me. I will have to check into this for sure as I have been hungry to go deeper in my purposeful walk with Daddy. Thanks for the heads up about it.
Take care and have an awesome day!

Greta said...

Not bloated? I need to try this! Great post. I really like your blog. Your newest follower :)

Sandy said...

Oh Greta! You have no idea! I have had 5 kids and 8 pregnancies....and being bloated seemed like it had come to camp out!

Being on the Lean In 13 program I realized how addicted I was to carbs!! Sheesh!

I feel sooooo much better without them! And I was eating "good" carbs....brown rice, fruit, whole wheat...etc. I truly think it may have been the whole wheat fermenting in my stomach and creating the bloating. Anyhow...I feel lighter and full of energy...not sluggish or foggy.

Thanks for becoming one of my very humble few!

Hopping over to your blog now.



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