Thursday, September 2, 2010

Home with our son

Well, we did it! We managed to get our son home for a few days before his deployment.

We spent our time talking, swimming, reading, on long walks together, laughing, 4-wheeling, gardening, and just all around lounging out.

He shared his assignment with us.  He will be the Chaplain’s body guard.  He will go on all the convoys with the Chaplain and protect him from enemy fire. This is right up his alley! He is all about infantry…and as a mom I am glad he isn’t on the front lines!

He’s very happy about this because then he is able to get off the ship and fulfill his desire to protect. 

He was tied for first in his unit for marksman. He is a true blue Tennessee shot! He told us that he could put a grapefruit pattern on a target at 500 yards…open sights.

He spent many years shooting on the back 40.


He was always helping the little ones learn how to shoot also…here he is helping his youngest sibling to handle a bow.


He’s also a funny guy!




His dad and I are so proud of him.


We love you son. We look forward to the day you are back in our arms on American soil. We know that you are finally fulfilling your dreams. May they be all that you thought they would be.

Love, Mom


Maiden Princess said...

So glad you had this precious time with him! :)

Praying for all of you!
Maiden Princess

Little Rose of Sharon said...

You do have so much to be proud about. I know you have trusted the LORD with all your children and that HE will be the One to protect and guide. I hope you have such joyfulled days that they fly by till he is home again. Love you much. tmp

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