Friday, September 10, 2010

Greenfield Village

We had a lovely visit with my mom.  We decided not to work her too hard…she had originally come for our house warming party that got cancelled, so we took her on an outing instead.

We went to Greenfield Village.  This is a village put together by Henry Ford. If you ever get the chance to go you must!

The village is full of homes that Henry Ford bought and brought from their original homestead.  There are historical re-enactments going on all day long.

We watched as the “slaves” made home-made corn bread, corn dolls, and pancakes.

We observed the first working computer…a weavers loom.  Really cool!

We walked amongst horse drawn carriages down cobblestone streets with music from the 40’s playing in the background.

We visited Orville and Wilbur Wright’s home and shop; witnessed their airplane attempts and listened with marvel delight to the historical commentator eloquently give a detailed account of their journey into flight.

We ate (the kids did) ice cream and shooed bees away, tumbled on the grassy lawn, watched glass blowing, and sniffed home-made soap.

What an incredible day!




Diva’s in the hat shop.




The newest hat model :)


Hard at work thinking up those inventions…like how to keep ice cream from dripping down your chin and into your beard on a hot day.


Lest you think it was all an accident!


Those Farmhouse beauties


This pic is the true blue of these chicks!093

One handsome rooster!


The City Hen and her grandchicks


The Farmhouse Chick Brood sitting in the village coop after a fun filled day.


We laughed, we walked, we talked, and we made memories.


Sunshine and The Pup said...

LOVE the photos! Love the memories! Love you guys!
Teresa Butler stoppin' by for a visiti from Plantation Palms. . .

Sandy said...

Thanks T! Love you guys too!

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