Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekend of Hope and Freedom

What an AMAZING weekend! I spent 3 days in the warm state of Texas at our Advocare Success School.

Delivering hopes and dreams, freedom to families nationwide. This weekend was full of LEADERS AND CHAMPIONS in the world of hope and dreams.

This was our 4th time going. We spend a weekend being invested into by the top leaders in the world.  And we spend that time investing into those that we brought with us.

We heard from Rising Stars, Weight loss Testimonies, Double Diamonds, Sports Advisory Council, Research Docs, and more.

Each story built on the other. Each presenter brought value to the table to inspire us to become more.

For me this weekend represented hope. It was this weekend that I truly understood the promise God had given me and my husband 21 years ago. The promise that we would rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated. Isaiah 58:12. We know that God has called us to inspire and empower others to rebuild their lives. May we be found worthy of that call.

I was humbled by the leadership and their servants heart. I was humbled by the hearts of Richard and Sherry Wright, our CEO's. Everyone of them made you feel like you were a part of a very large family.

From the training to the fellowshipping with healthy people our lives were touched and transformed. We will never be the same.

This will be a year of Rebuilding, Restoring and Becoming More!

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