Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's been a whirlwind of activity around the coop lately...such is the rushing winds that I haven't had time to post much.  Okay not.at.all.

So, friends and family, don't despair....a post is coming soon about Hanukkah and our MANY visitors!

Stay tuned....


Antoinette said...

I'm staying tuned!
I'll be looking forward to your next post.

Antoinette said...

Not sure if my last comment 'stuck'. So if this is a repeat, sorry about that. I need a book called, Leaving Comments for Dummies" :) I always have a hard time with these signing in for comments and choosing identities!

Looking forward to your next post on Hanakuh, your house was totally awesome and everything was so beautiful and comfortable as well.

Antoinette said...

Hi Sandy,
I opened up my blog this morning before starting on cottage rental stuff and found your incredibly sweet comment (which I left a note at Zoe's before I realized you had written it - you were signed in as Zoe) Thank you for your encouraging words!
Zoe sure did a beautiful summary of the year 2011 - I was surprised at how many things we actually did together - were always so much on the run, I don't always take the time to stop and look back and put it all together like Zoe did so elegantly.
Looking forward to your next post!

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