Monday, January 10, 2011

Canning Tomatoes, Making Echinacea, Home-made Pizza

We do most everything here by scratch.  Someone walked into my pantry  and said…”Wow, you hardly have any food in here!”

Really…I did, just not the typical boxed food you will find.  Most of my food comes from my bountiful summer garden or from the co-op in large bags and then put in food grade buckets on the floor of my new pantry.

During harvest season we put up (another word for canned…for all you city folk!)  our tomatoes.  So far we have 90 quarts of tomato sauce.  With about 20 more on the way.

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Does that look like gold to you? Red gold? I just can’t get enough of lookin’ at these sweet red jars of nutrition…. Makes me wanna smile all day…


After we finished our liquid red gold project we moved onto the herbal gold….Echinacea.

We use this wonderful herb for soooo many health issues…cold and flu being the most.

9.19.10 022

My littlest chick has the job of separating the capsules (which I get from and filling them into my herb filler…can’t remember the technical word for that contraption at the moment.

9.19.10 027

9.19.10 029

After she gets the Echinacea or any other herb I may need to encapsulate….into the capsules, she puts their tops on and labels the jar and seals for future use.

We make about 100 capsules at time and keep the dried herb in the freezer to retain freshness.


Then after all that hard work of taking care of our family with liquid red gold and herbal health…we celebrate!  The Farmhouse Baker made us 2 delicious homemade pizzas. One was a tomato and spinach pizza with Asagio cheese…the other one tomato and broccoli….and yes my kids like their veggies….except green peppers…could it be any wonder? I don’t like green peppers…they truly eat the way mama hen eats. (except for the swamp smoothies…hee-hee)

ebay items 185

ebay items 187


What kind of healthy livin’ goes on in your home?


Farmhouse Chicks


Ellen said...

Oh me goodness Miss Sandy!! Oh yummo! I soo would love to partake in the pizza there! Pizza is my most favorite food. To bad I'm on the Daniel Fast and even when i'm off, I can't have gluten or dairy.... ugghh!! Oh well, I'll live through you ;))

Speaking of goodness, I've got an award for you to pick up anytime you are ready!

Ellen said...

Hi Ya' Sweet Sandy-- To pick up your award, just simply hover your little pointer / mouse / clicker thing over the award and right click. There should be a choice to copy the image, or copy the image to your photos. Choose the choice that will allow for you to copy and then paste into your posting on blogger with the image showing and not the html address. Then just copy or retype the rules portion in my posting and take flight from there. Hope that was not to confusing. I'm so not an IT person and so this is how I did it anyway.

you so deserve it Girl!! xoxo, Ellen

Ellen said...

You know, I just realized you asked about "linking" back.... pardon my spastic brain. To link back, just simply type the word to use like Farmhouse Chicks or my blog name then highlight the words. Look up at the top of your page that you are writing your post in: you will see the little icon that is named "link". Click on this "link" icon and it will ask for you to enter the http address to link back to. The safest and fastest way to accurately input the address there is to go to the bloggers page (example: abounding life blogspot) and copy the address right out of the web address box (which is way up at the top with the orange highlighted B:https://www.......) and bam! just copy that into the linking back to box and you are done! Let me know how that works for ya!

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