Friday, December 31, 2010

Birthday Bonanza

Turning 44 has it’s perks.

I had the birthday of all birthday’s this year!

It was actually a week of “birthday bonanza”!

Do you get to experience your birthday for an entire week?

Mine started with a gift from my mom about a 4 days before my birthday.


She is spoiling me with new mugs…and lots of fattening gourmet foods….


Then she expects me to melt it all off with all these wonderful scrubs, gels, and lotions.

The vanilla scrub and vanilla gel is …heavenly……


And if that wasn’t enough…my husband must be hinting at something….did I ever tell you that I really would rather clean than cook? Honestly…I can cook….but would rather clean…

Maybe my rooster thinks that if he gets me these two beauties that I will take more of an interest in cooking…..hmmmmm……


Isn’t that stove just peachy? It gets me all giddy to turn on the 15,000 btu burner! And for it to be kinda old fashioned and new all at the same time….a little like this chick.


Would you be more inclined to cook a scrumptious meal outa these puppies? I would hafta say I am becoming more motivated with all this finery! The coop never looked so good!

To top off my birthday week we flew over to my soul sista’s coop and had a birthday bonanza! We share a birthday in the same week and the same year…..although I’ll always be 3 days younger….








It’s been a whirlwind of a birthday…but oh so enjoyable!

I kinda like getting older.


Farmhouse Chicks

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Brandi said...

So fun! You look fabulous :)

Tamara said...

we are not getting older my dear but Better !
and I'm coming over to eat from that fridge and stove. Where's the pink towels???

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Sandy!! =)

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