Monday, August 6, 2012

Mother/Daughter Retreat

Remember the days of ~

                  tire swings
                  dirty jeans
                  sticky marshmellows
                  and all things camping?

I remember days on my Aunt's mountain..... the days of camping by the stream, bathing in the stream, and eating marshmallows until it was stuck in our hair, on our clothes and on the dog!

It's gonna be that kind of weekend here at Camp Still Waters.

Yep, call me crazy, call me adventurous, just don't call me unmotivated!

I love an adventure, but I love mom's and daughters and their relationships more.

When's the last time you spent a weekend with just you and your daughter camping, hiking, swimming,  praying, journaling, team building and just getting to know each other?

30 mom's and daughters. 30 personalities. 30 hugs. 30 new ways to look at life together. kinda weekend.

How will you spend your weekend?

1 comment:

PlainJane said...

Hi Sandy, So is this a camp you are hosting at your homestead??? Sounds like fun. I hear you have been over at Antoinette's too. Wish I could join you all. Hope you are having an amazing summer.

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