Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Northern Nesting




Mudroom Update....

....makes a girl wanna nest! Or swoon...which ever comes first.

For starters we had a Thanksgiving/Birthday this year.

Farmhouse Rooster #3 turned 18 this year.

I still remember him as a snuggle bug in the rug. Cute, chubby, focused, and a little like a Weeble Wobble.

Really....does time ever stand still long enough to capture all the moments in life?

I can remember when he was born at home….our 1st home birth….in the upstairs of our 1st nest. As soon as he was born his brother ran and got his toy dump truck, laid in my lap and told him, "this is for you buddy."

Legos were a common stumbling  occurrence.  Now, instead of playing with them he sells them…for L.O.T.S. of money.


Fast forward 18 years....he is now a budding film maker, hunter, design engineer, military historian, actor, and protective brother.



ebay items 146DSCN2371

FAll 2010 038

I see a William Wallace in the making. Don’t you? sigh…. grin….love my freedom fighter.


Stay tuned for Thanksgiving at the coop….



Farmhouse Chicks

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