Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to dress a turkey

We have a mighty hunter in our home…he even hunts his own kind.  Smile

He is very determined to give us wild turkeys for Thanksgiving this year.  So, far we have one.  And 6 days until Thanksgiving.

One fine turkey laying on the ground just a few minutes after the kill.  May he rest in peace.

FAll 2010 016


Let the plucking begin.

FAll 2010 018FAll 2010 021FAll 2010 023



Brings new meaning to clipping your wings.

FAll 2010 024


We’re getting’ there!

FAll 2010 025


MMM…a little corn or grass anyone?

FAll 2010 026

He is now in the freezer and awaiting some friends. 

How is your freezer lookin’ for Thanksgiving?


Farmhouse Chicks


Little Rose of Sharon said...

I bet you have the best dinner of them all. TMP

Rebecca said...

Hi!! I really like your blog, it's very nice. :) Hope you have a blessed day. :D

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