Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 4-8 of Lean In 13

Wellllllllll…..I had this post finished and almost published and then *poof* it disappeared never to be seen again….uuuggghhh!

So, now instead of day 4 and 5 posted I have to do days 4-8…

I was hoping to post yesterday, but the computer, phone and I were having a date doing follow-ups with those of you who have jumped on the Lean-In-13 program, the 24 Day Challenge, and those of you who have begun to see a sizable Plan B income from Advocare! Woo-Hoo! Keep me busy!!!

So, we had to interrupt the previously scheduled post for some real world business….:)



Ellen said...

Hi Sandy,
Stopping in to say hello and catch up with you. You always give me a giggle ;) Seems you have a lot going on, that's great! Right? ;))
By the way, I had to get the book "Wrestling Prayer", love it, almost finished with it! Thanks for sharing about it.
Have a wonderful evening,

Sandy said...

Thanks Ellen,,

Yes, busy or should I say full is my middle name. I love a full life....

Sooo glad you got the book. Is it life changing or what? Now you have to go back and let it sink in. I have practically the whole book highlighted! We are now reading it as a family on Sabbath. My kids are really getting a greater understanding of deep prayer. It has been life changing for them.

I was at your place yesterday and couldn't get my comment to post...think my computer was having issues...

You have some amazing pieces that you have created! My honey is the power tool man, give me sandpaper and I can make a real mess!

Be blessed this weekend and don't try giving your husband a haircut with those power tools. :)



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