Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Buick Open Classic

Buick Open Classic

I was invited to the Buick Open Classic…or at least that’s what they called it last year. GM has pulled out and now it’s called something else, but never-the-less I was invited to set up an Advocare booth.
I spent the day yesterday Sparking up the staff at The Jewel in Grand Blanc, MI.
They were raving about our Lemonade Spark…the one that Drew Brees, Quarter Back for the Saints drinks. It tastes soooo incredibly yummy!
After a full day of being with that awesome staff I went home to prepare for an early rise to be at The Jewel by 7am to greet the Pro Am golfers with some Spark.
They hit the registration table then came to see me to get some cutting edge mental clarity and focus for the game. I mixed the Spark with some Rehydrate as well to give them hydration for their game. They were very thankful and many purchased product that I had on hand.
I had the opportunity to meet some great people and get great product in them! I’ll be interested to find out how they did at the game!

Brett Quigley, the PGA Pro Golfer is one of our unpaid endorsers and he uses:
What Brett
says about
AdvoCare products:
    "I travel more than 30 weeks a year playing professional golf, and Rehydrate is an integral part of my routine."
Career Highlights:
  • 2006 Barclays Classic (T3)
  • 2004 US Bank Championship (T2)
  • 2001 Classic champion
  • 1996 Nike Classic champion
  • 1987 US Junior Amateur champion
Too Cool! Stay Sparked UP!

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